Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Calling! Researchers/Editors/Animators

ajab shahar
Come into this colorful palace, this wondrous city
Oh, my swan, my seeker friend!
-         Kabir

The Kabir Project is creating a lyrical web city– an ajab shahar –where browsers can encounter songs, poems and conversations around the poetry of Kabir and other mystic, Bhakti and Sufi poets, in contemporary landscapes of music, spirituality, politics and the self.

We are looking for
Animators and Interactive Web Designers
to develop evocative web experiences around mystic poetry and music
Researchers and Video Editors
- to transcribe video/audio footage of songs/conversations
- to research into mystic poetry and music traditions
- to annotate, edit and upload audio, video and text content for the archive

Applicants should be inspired by mystic poetry and music and be fluent in Hindi. Ideal applicants should combine research with video editing skills, but both are not essential. Work entails a minimum a one-year commitment. Remuneration would be commensurate with profile of applicant.

Check us out at www.kabirproject.org